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The Joy of Hard Work: My Recording Session at DBJ Entertainment in Memphis

This month I had the pleasure of traveling to Memphis to do a recording session with Johnathan Davenport of DBJ Entertainment. It was an honor and pleasure to work with Johnathan, who handled the production and sound engineering for our 12-hour session.

I recorded the lead and background vocals for four songs: Mr. Right, All the Way, Interlude, and Bliss. I wrote all of these songs except for the rap in Bliss.

What can I tell you about this experience? How incredibly rewarding it was to hear that full sound booming from the speakers! But it's work, too. My respect to Johnathan and so many music professionals who turn hard and tiring work into joy. For 12 straight hours we didn't go outside the whole day. Intense, satisfying.

You can hear these songs on my SoundCloud page.

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