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Turning a Kid's Joy Into Adult Joy: Authentic, Inspiring, Heartfelt Music

When I was a kid I tended toward shyness. Despite what you might think, I wasn't necessarily the kid in the family to jump on stage and start singing. That didn't come till later.

But like any kid, within my own home, and also in my grandfather's church, I could let it out. This is one of my mother's favorite photos of me - "Julian getting his dance on!" as my Mom would say!

Waking up to expressing myself through songwriting and singing came gradually, through high school and college, and then it just happened. My hope is that whether you see me perform live or hear by recorded music, you can share with me that joy that kids always have, when they are not so afraid to express themselves.

My goal reaches back to those childhood days - to write a song that speaks to YOU like no other!

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